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    Terminally Illin' is a collection of comics written during a 23 year old girl's battle with a rare bone cancer. Over 5 years of struggle, pain, sacrifice, friendship, love, and triumph! While enduring harsh chemo treatments, Kaylin teamed up with her friend, Jon, and they worked on the stories. The laughter helped to ease the pain. They want to share this laughter and imagination with others that might find it helpful or entertaining. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

    Think of Terminally Illin' The Comic Book as the subversively humorous, bad pun filled, "Alice and Wonderland" meets "sci-fi action adventure" side of cancer. People love it! It's not just for people with cancer, the lessons Kaylin learned from her experience are for everyone - plus it's educational!


    Our 100 page, full-color graphic novel includes writing from Kaylin's candid blog she wrote during cancer treatment. We get messages every week from patients, parents, doctors, nurses, and plenty of other people praising this book! It makes the hard work and srtuggle to make it happen worth it. Thank you!

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